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My Life my rules: GenX better at living life their way as compared to millennials, reveals Godrej Interio survey

My Life my rules: GenX better at living life their way as compared to millennials, reveals Godrej Interio survey 1

When balancing act of work-life, more than five-in-seven (74%) of older millennials claim that they miss out on living their life in their way compared to more than three-in-seven (55%) of Gen X respondents according to the latest findings from Godrej Interio’s ‘Make Space for Life’ survey. Due to work pressure, technology, and daily routine, Indians claim to find less time and opportunities for themselves, family bonding, and their passions, the survey revealed. 

In recent years, the demanding nature of modern office work, as well as the increasing number of hours spent in the workplace, is affecting millennials work life balance. The survey found that majority of millennials are admitting to miss out on living their life. At the same time, it found that Gen X is striking a better work-life balance as compared to the later generation.

Commenting on the survey findings, Anil S Mathur, Chief Operating Officer, Godrej Interio said, “Today’s millennial generation lives in a drastically different world from which Generation-X grew up in. In those days, fulfilling family responsibilities played a major role in people’s lives, necessitating job security and safe investments. Thus, Gen-X focused their energies towards finding security and stability in life before opting for exorbitant luxuries. On the contrary, millennials have grown up in an environment where technological advancements and exposure to the world have shaped their thought process. An ever-changing world around them has redefined this generation’s aspirations and made them more independent as well as impatient resulting in seeking instant gratification and seek for short-term pleasures.  This thought process and difference in priorities makes Gen X better in making space for life as compared to millennials. As a brand, Godrej Interio is conscious of the importance of all the segments of an individual’s life and encourages them to take some time out and make space for life. Through our innovative furniture designs, we aspire to enliven our customers’ homes and remind them that in spite of the rigmaroles of varying pressures of life we should make space for passion, family and friends at our home.”

Alarmingly, the study also revealed 59% of Gen X claim that they spend time pursuing their passions as compared to 38% of older millennials. 61% of older millennials rate their work-life balance ‘terrible’ compared to only 48% of Gen X respondents.

Additionally, the national survey findings showed that 61% of respondents do not have time to spend on their passions, 68.2% of the respondents feel that they miss out on living life on their own terms in trying to maintain a work-life balance; 40% of the respondents feel that they are not able to dedicate enough time to their passion due to monetary concerns and 56.7% of the Indians say that their work life balance is terrible.

The survey was conducted with 1300 Indians living across 13 cities, including Chandigarh, Mumbai, Jaipur, Patna, Coimbatore, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad.

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