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Mohh launches the “Wellbeing Collection” with Wellness & Sustainability aficionado Deanne Panday

Mohh launches the "Wellbeing Collection" with Wellness & Sustainability aficionado Deanne Panday 1

Gurugram based modern and contemporary furniture brand Mohh in collaboration with celebrity fitness expert and author Deanne Panday recently launched their new collection called the “Wellbeing Collection”.  An amalgamation of simplicity and class with elements of sustainability is what makes this collection the one to look out for. 

The offers a mix and match of smaller, modern décor pieces with some bigger furniture pieces – all made with some fresh sustainable raw materials while giving it a contemporary look. A mix of repurposing scrap and opting for rarely used before eco-friendly raw materials, this collection aims to tell a story of how aesthetically pleasing designs are possible for homes using some sustainable alternatives. 

While talking about the collection, Pritika Singh, Founder Mohh said, “It’s the collection we’re most proud to bring to the market because without compromising on the design and our brand values we’ve incorporated sustainable materials in all our products. With the Wellbeing collection, we aim to thereby further strengthen our efforts as a new brand and to try to be sustainable bit by bit.”

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