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MIT World Peace University Pune offers Master’s in Political Leadership & Government and MSc in Public Policy

MIT World Peace University Pune offers Master's in Political Leadership & Government and MSc in Public Policy 1

The current #elections environment in #WestBengal, #Kerala, #Puducherry, the #NorthEast and #TamilNadu have yet again shown us that the biggest of elections in India are won majorly on mass propaganda, emotional connect and media influence. While millions of voters cast their votes in hopes of having their voices heard and their needs met by their political parties, the political framework of our country and our leaders are still largely self-grown or they have stepped into politics due to a family legacy.

Huge Demand for Professionals & High Salaries Offered

With no academic training, which is a must while governing the country or occupying high positions of power, there is a massive gap that is dictating our current #politicalsystem. The wide political framework in #India is moving rapidly towards #modernization and there is a huge #demand for qualified professionals with different expertise (including social media, brand management, content writing, policy research, legislative & parliamentary affairs to name a few) in this domain.

The career opportunities that exist are vast and are not just related to hard-core politics such as, becoming a political leader but also invite professionals with different expertise to be a part of the domain. The #salaries typically offered in this domain are higher when compared to other domains as the sector is very cash-rich and there is a huge demand for qualified professionals in this sector.

Political Leadership Training for PG Students

To cater to this market demand and offer young students avenues of knowledge and training in this domain, MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) is one of the first universities in India to initiate a Master’s Degree in Political Leadership & Government for students to train themselves in all nuances of politics and prepare them well for a dynamic career in this field.

To apply online for this program, click here.

Course Curriculum for Political Studies (PG)

The course curriculum of the two-year Master’s degree program in Political Leadership & Government or MPG is experiential. There is a total of 6 trimesters in the program.

  • The first-year is mainly On-Campus Learning, field visits & study tours, and
  • The second-year comprises Off-Campus internships & training with the office of Political Leaders & Political Parties
  • These internships open a multitude of career options in Electoral or Functional politics for a fresh graduate

To apply online for this program, click here.

Exciting Career Prospects & Salaries Offered

With the wide political network in India evolving rapidly towards further modernization, the field is undergoing immense changes and inviting qualified professionals to contribute in different parts of the political processes. Due to the lack of educated professionals in the field of politics and this being a cash-rich sector, the salary and packages offered are much higher compared to other domains.

Many of the career opportunities include contributing as a professional in a particular domain such as, social media or brand marketing and are not related to direct involvement in politics. Here’s a quick list of some of the prolific career opportunities:

  • Social Media Management for different political parties
  • Public Relations
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Managers
  • Content Writers
  • Elections Manager
  • Political Analyst
  • Policy Research Associates
  • Political Strategist
  • Political Consultant
  • Campaign Management
  • Constituency Manager
  • Campaign & Election Manager
  • Parliamentary or Legislative Assistant

and much more.

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