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Meet Haryana’s Dr. Deepak Devgun, who raises Covid-19 awareness through Likee

Meet Haryana's Dr. Deepak Devgun, who raises Covid-19 awareness through Likee 1

As media and social media platforms have witnessed increased convergence of people in the wake of lockdown, many experts have adopted a creative approach to address Coronavirus or COVID-19 related queries. Today, the role of doctors, police officers, security personnel, cleaners, and others are being applauded and seen with deep respect. Hence, many of these professionals are the newfound social media sensations gaining widespread popularity. Among others, Dr. Deepak Devgun from Kurukshetra in Haryana has become the talk of the town for his infotainment short videos on Likee, the pioneering global short video platform by Singapore-based BIGO Technology. Owing to his creative approach in spreading awareness about necessary preventive measures against COVID-19, many news channels have also featured his Likee videos.

A doctor by profession and a social media enthusiast, he has been an avid Likee creator for more than a year. But it was during the last three months, the initial stage of the coronavirus outbreak, that Dr. Deepak’s popularity among the online audience saw a spike. Combining his passion and profession, Dr. Deepak has been releasing a series of videos on Likee to spread awareness about COVID-19. In one of his videos, that became extremely popular, he showcased coronavirus as a person with no power at all since everyone around him was maintaining social distancing and covering mouth with facemasks. Disheartened with the good behavior of people, the virus leaves the place without affecting anyone. With the great plight of the personified version of the virus, the video convinces viewers to follow guidelines such as washing hands, use of sanitizers, use of face masks, etc. to stay healthy and defeat the virus in the ongoing war.

“The outbreak of COVID-19 has got everyone worried. People need to stay optimistic and approach the situation without panic. I deliberately make videos with creative elements to break the tension and yet with no compromise on the important information,” says Dr. Deepak. Platforms such as Likee have become a rage among Indian youth for the unique social networking experience they offer. Dr. Devgun, too, is a big fan of the platform’s extensive list of special effect features that add new life to his concept.

He adds, “These days I am swamped because of constant consultations with my patients. However, I understand the value of videos I create, and therefore I utilize my lunch breaks and short breaks to make these videos. Likee is my preferred platform because I can add whatever effect or element I want in my videos on tap and release it instantly. It spares me a lot of time, and I focus only on the concept I want to capture.” Dr. Deepak has been practicing medicine for 18.5 years and feels that during emergencies like these, the source and manner of receiving information play a vital role. Riding on his vast social media experience, he assumed the responsibility of an influencer to ensure the right information is passed on with a dash of creativity.

Also, he has been able to reach and impact millions of people, including children across India, with help from Likee and other social platforms. In his opinion “New age social media platforms have the edge over other means of communication since they are super-easy to use and are embraced by people from all age groups.” Dr. Deepak began his journey on Likee to break the monotony and continued pursuing it later to spread awareness on COVID-19, but his popularity on the app rewarded him with monetary benefits as well. He said “Although I never thought of earning any money out of what I do on social media, along with getting famous, I am also earning good money. I normally spend that money to buy the latest gadgets.”

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