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Meddo reaches over 200 people with its cancer awareness webinar, “Close the Care Gap with cancer awareness”

Meddo reaches over 200 people with its cancer awareness webinar, "Close the Care Gap with cancer awareness" 1

India’s first and largest physical-digital smart outpatient care platform, Meddo Health conduced a webinar to spread awareness on International Cancer Day. Cancer is treatable in most cases, if diagnosed on time and for doing so, catching the symptoms early and going through effective screening and consultations in the initial stages is extremely crucial. In order to address these topics and generate awareness Dr Sandeep Nayak, Surgical Oncologist, Meddo Health presided over the webinar, to discuss this year’s World Cancer Day theme, ‘Close The Care Gap’. The live conversation was screened on the social media handles of Meddo Health – Facebook & Instagram with a captive audience size of 200 people from various walks of life, including patients and their families and the medical / clinical fraternity.

Speaking about the webinar, Mr Saurabh Kochhar, Founder & CEO, Meddo Health, Said, “Meddo Health is invested in making India healthier. From preventive health, to wellness, to secondary and tertiary care, we work across the spectrum shouldering the responsibility alongside the clinical fraternity to not only provide omni-channel health solutions, but to also spread the necessary awareness around health concerns facing the Indian society. Studies highlight the growing cancer burden in the country and the pandemic has adversely affected the rate of cancer screening and treatment.  The major reason for cancer-related deaths is late detection. The fear of hospitals and mammoth-sized medical bills, keep people from consulting a doctor at an initial stage and therefore the disease intensifies. However, discussing these conditions with a doctor at an OPD clinics and getting appropriate tests done in time might help reduce upto 60% of the terminal cases right at the initial stage. Meddo conducts webinars, live chats, on-ground events (when viable) to do its bit in creating awareness and engagement in the patient and clinical community and we hope that today’s webinar helped the audience, their peers and the families.

Key speakers at the webinar were – Dr Sandeep Nayak, Surgical Oncologist, Meddo Health; Dr George John, CEO Deepalaya and Dr (Col) Tarun Verma, Clinical Haematologist, who addressed the audience on the rising cases and complications pertaining to the disease. They shared their view on effective diagnosis and treatment paths. The experts also updated the attendees on the new-age clinical techniques and solutions that can be explored to combat the complex illness.

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