Masterchef your Chinese dishes with Lee Kum Kee

There is no doubt that Chinese cuisine has found a permanent place in our homes. Dinner conversations are no longer about going out for Chinese food; it’s about what new to have at home. Every housewife has a trick up her sleeve on how to conjure up her signature Chinese dish. And Lee Kum Kee Chinese sauces are here to give her the confidence to add the extra oomph to that dish!

The recent tasting and sampling session at Foodhall, Santacruz by Lee Kum Kee was a runway hit that left the guests wanting more. Lee Kum Kee – a century-old ethnic enterprise, has made its mark as a brand that offers authentic Chinese sauces and condiments. The serpentine queue for the sampling session just reinforced the growing popularity of this brand. At the session, the guests got a taste of its Chili Garlic Sauce, Blended Sesame Oil, Light Soya Sauce and other offerings.

 On the reasons Chinese food is so popular in India is its diversity just like Indian cuisine. Today’s Chinese food has a blend of traditional roots and a part of the Indian culture. Indian families have been quick in adopting Chinese food as their own because you can have it as vegetarian or non-vegetarian, cook it up at home, for your own self, or for a group of friends. This food is grand in its simplicity. Chinese dishes are also not expensive to make – you don’t need exotic vegetables or cheeses. In fact, at the cost of one pizza, you can make over 4 bowls of Chinese noodles or soups which goes to say a lot. All you need is to stock up on few Lee Kum Kee sauces and voila the dish is elevated to a Masterchef level.

With its entry in India, Lee Kum Kee looks to promoting and celebrating authentic Chinese culinary culture in the Indian kitchens. With a heritage spanning over three decades, Lee Kum Kee sauces and condiments have gained worldwide repute and trust of millions of customers as absolute high-grade products. 


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