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LEAD School launches Bridge Course for class 10 students to cover learning gaps

LEAD School launches Bridge Course for class 10 students to cover learning gaps 1

The pandemic has disrupted the education cycle of students, especially in the K-12 segment, resulting in gaps in their learning levels. To address this, Mumbai-based EdTech company LEAD School has introduced a Bridge Course for students entering Class 10 in 2021.

Class 10 is an important milestone in the academic journey of students. The Bridge Course will equip students with the prerequisite skills and fundamentals required to prepare for the board year.

LEAD School Co-founder and CEO Sumeet Mehta said, “Class 10th results are important because they determine college admissions. Class 9th students this year have experienced massive learning losses due to school lockdowns. The Bridge Course will cover these gaps and help students learn Class 10th content with confidence and in continuity from Class 9th. This will help them get conceptual clarity and achieve good scores in Class 10th board exams.”

Taught in a hybrid format (a mix of online and offline platforms), the course is designed to provide a thorough recap of core concepts from previous grades with ample practice through a simple, easy-to-execute curriculum that includes videos, worksheets, quizzes and group activities.

Prior to the program, a baseline assessment is conducted to understand the learning gaps of students.  Teachers are provided with automatically generated reports to understand the gaps and conduct remedial for students. A final assessment is conducted at the end of the course to evaluate students’ progress.

LEAD School will also roll out the Bridge Course for all subjects for students of Grades 2 to 9 who have lost significant learning time due to the prolonged lockdown.

Additionally, a unique 3-day ‘launchpad’ to orient students for Class 10 will be conducted post the Bridge Course which will help students to understand the importance of board exams, the learning approach to each subject, and the availability of learning resources to add to their knowledge.

The launchpad will also have sessions on maintaining good mental and physical health, developing a growth mindset, and setting structures and routines for oneself to overcome any challenge that may come their way during Class 10.

About LEAD School

LEAD School is promoted by Leadership Boulevard, one of the fastest growing EdTech companies in India. It combines technology, curriculum and pedagogy into an integrated system of teaching and learning, thus improving student learning and teacher performance in schools across the country. LEAD School partners with 1,000+ schools with an estimated 4 lakh+ students in more than 400 cities, including tier 2 to tier 4 cities, in 20 States.

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