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Kohinoor Hospital with its latest technology helps a Nigerian woman with a UTI and kidney stones

A 40-year-old Nigerian woman, MeimuneMaikudi, often visits Dr Hemali Trivedi Gupta at Kohinoor Hospital, Mumbai, to tackle her urinary tract infection (UTI), and kidney stones problem which she is facing since 7 years. Now, the woman has got relief to a great extent owing to the technology available at the Hospital.

urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in any part of the urinary system —kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. Kidney stones can be termed as clumps of mineral that accumulate on the inner lining of the kidneys.It is no brainer that these both conditions are extremely painful and annoying and would require an immediate assistance and this was exact the same in case of MeimuneMaikudi from Nigeria.  The patient got a UTI and also suffered from kidney stones owing to the hot weather in Nigeria. To top it all, her water intake wasn’t adequate too. The patient was operated in India twice and she visits India every year and undergoes checkupsto evaluate whether the stones are forming again or not.

According to Dr Hemali Trivedi Gupta, Consultant Urologist, Kohinoor Hospital, “Hot weather is a culprit here. The patient has a history of recurrent UTI and this problem is ongoing for about 7 years. When she visited me, she exhibited symptoms like vague abdominal pain, during her general health checkup.  This checkup revealed that she was having kidney stones and wasoperated about seven years ago.  But, as soon as she goes back to Nigeria, owing to the heat and inadequate water intake, the stones keep forming again.When she consulted me a year ago, that time she had few stones. But, now there are many stones and one of the stone is obstructing the right kidney. Hence, that stone is obstructing her one kidney and is the cause of her discomfort. So, I have asked her to adhere to some lifestyle modifications like cutting down on red meat and increasing the water intake.”

MeimuneMaikudi highlighted,” I have no family history of kidney stones. In Nigeria, if my problem crops up, then I visit my local doctor who gives me medications and syrup. But in Kohinoor Hospital, there is a simple way of flushing these kidney stones that is why I come here for my treatment.  I am married and I have 3 kids and I work in hospital as administrator in Nigeria. My elder daughter does all the household chores owing to my ill health. My husband, who works in a hospital, is also very supportive and helps me out in carrying out my real-world activities. Now, I see to it that I don’t eat green vegetables, tomato, meat, fish, chicken and millet. I hope that my problem gets addressed forever.”

Halima Usman, Maikudi’s sister said, “It is painful for her and she is suffering a lot. But in India, there is new technology owing to which my sister comes here and seeks medical help.”

Dr Hemali concluded, “She is heading back to Nigeria now, so we are supporting her with painkillers and trying to flush the stones out. When she comes back we will do what is required.”

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