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JMI organises 3 Extension Lectures to commemorate International Literacy Day

JMI organises 3 Extension Lectures to commemorate International Literacy Day 1

The Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension(DACEE), Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI) today hosted 3 Online Extension Lectures on the theme Contextualizing Literacy to commemorate International Literacy Day, observed globally on 8th September.Lectures were organised with a purpose to view Literacy from all perspectives. Head of the Department, DACEE, Dr. Shikha Kapur convened and moderated lectures.Former Director State Resource Centre, JMI and the recipient of this Year’s Tagore Literacy Award-2021 Mrs Nishat Farooq was the Guest of Honour in the Program. The Extension Lectures were attended by the stalwarts of Adult literacy program.

Dr. V. Mohan Kumar, Ms Kalpana Kaushik, Mrs Veena Mahajan joined from Indian Adult Education Association (IAEA). Former Professors Dr. DD Agarwal from University of Delhi, Prof. Ghulam Mursaleen, Aligarh Muslim University and several Professors also graced the occasion. The Research Scholars and students from Universities from across India and Jamia Millia Islamia attended the Lectures.

The first Extension Lecture was on Seven Decades of India’s Literacy and was presented by Ms. Arunima Chauhan, Research Scholar, DACEE. It examined the various milestones, issues and challenges confronting literacy. Ramsha Nusrat, student of the Department introduced the Presenter.

The second Extension Lecture ‘Rural Literacy in India- Way Forward’ was presented by Ram Pratap Singh also a Research Scholar of the Department. The Lecture microscopically examined the rampant rural disparities in literacy across India. Ms Durdana Tahseen student of the Department introduced the Presenter.

The third Extension Lecture covered the current issue of the ongoing pandemic in context of Literacy. Ms. Himanshi Sharma, Research Scholar, DACEE delivered her Extension Lecture on COVID 19 and Literacy in India and was introduced by Gaurav Joshi, student of Semester III, M.A. Development Extension.Each Lecture was followed by deliberations, question and answers related to the presentation. The Extension Lectures gave deep insights into where we have reached so far and where have we faltered. It also explored and suggested the way forward to achieve literacy in India.

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