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JMI celebrates National Girl Child Day and International Day of Education

JMI celebrates National Girl Child Day and International Day of Education 1

Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension(DACEE), Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI) today celebrated (Online) National Girl Child Day and International Day of Education. The Program included a lecture on ‘Empowering the Girl Child through Education’ delivered by Prof. Shikha Kapur and a Workshop on’Education for Sustainable Development’, conducted by Dr. Anwara Hashmi . In the introductory address, Head of the Department Prof. Shikha Kapur highlighted the importance of National Girl Child Day an initiative of Ministry of Women and Child Development that was started in 2008 on January 24 and celebrated eversince 2008.

The day aims at providing all support and opportunities to all the girls of our country. Further, it aims towards promoting awareness about- • Rights of the girl child • Increase awareness on the importance of girl’s education, their health and nutrition.This is an occasion to reiterate country’s commitment to further and strengthen ongoing efforts to empower the girl child and curb discriminations faced by them which is very profound in our country. This day aims at raising the consciousness of the society towards the girl child so that they are valued, respected and regarded as a humans and not discriminated against and their rights are upheld by all.

Another important international celebration today was the International Day of Education. The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 24th January as Day of Education. Itcelebrates role of education for global peace and sustainable development.

The DACEE through the lecture and workshop discussed aspects of education as an all encompassing force aimed at all round human development and empowerment especially those of girls.The students and scholars of the DACEE who work actively with communities in and around Jamia Millia Islamia and the various Faculties of the University joined the celebrations by bringing a synergy through celebrating both these important days today.

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