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Is the return to normalcy at office spaces triggering Infidelity in the country?

Is the return to normalcy at office spaces triggering Infidelity in the country? 1

With the unlock 5 underway and life moving back to normalcy in India, the interaction among friends, colleagues or love birds have moved up a notch higher.   Having to cope up with their partners for months in a closed space due to the lockdown, the over the top excitement due to  change of scenery has proved too much for some. 

A study conducted by Gleeden – an extramarital dating platform, made by women with over 7 million members worldwide of which over a million are in India, discovered that 37 percent of its Indian users had an affair with their colleagues after getting back to their offices following lockdown. 

Getting back to the work means not only a return to socialising in the office environment but also a chance for irresistible dalliances with co-workers. When questioned by Gleeden about the reasoning behind their unfaithful encounters, 37 percent confessed that it was due to a pure craving for sex, while 33 percent of the users admitted that they enjoy someone other than their partner finding them attractive. About 30 percent of them said they cheated to feel desirable again.

Gleeden user Anshi92, who is married since the past 7 years with two children said cheating on her partner was ‘inevitable’ after the stress she endured during lockdown.

‘Staying at home with two playful kids and an alcoholic husband during the course of the lockdown was a nightmare. Me and my husband fought daily and our sexual life was also unstable due to various reasons. On top of that he also abused me verbally and sometimes physically to take out his frustration from work. I also hardly felt love & desire from his end while making love and most of the time I was left unsatisfied. This not only created a mental blockage but I also started doubting my feminism. So, as soon as the Government eased the restrictions and my office opened up, I felt free. I hooked up with an office colleague of mine with whom I shared a friendly relation before the lockdown and am pleased to feel wanted & desired again’.

Another user, called Mridang01 said, he has been chatting with his love affair on Gleeden since the past 5 months and is planning to finally meet her once their offices re-open.

‘I met this girl on Gleeden who is married with a kid, just like me. Coincidently, we both share the same building premises in which our offices are located. We chatted on Gleeden for over 5 months now and during the period came quite close to each other. We both love our spouses but we really want to try out this romantic fling outside our wedlock. I guess we are desperately waiting for our offices to open so that we can finally meet!’

The survey also gave out a shocking result as more than 60 percent of the total surveyed members confessed that the lockdown had a negative impact on their relationship, both emotionally and physically. 

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