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Hotshelf: Creating a Sustainable World for the Future

With the need to solve the age-old the problem of Death stock for companies that deal in products, entrepreneurs Vaibhav Sethi and Anubhav Sethi came up with this excellent idea of creating an online platform called Hotshelf where organizations can meet potential buyers and get rid of the excess stock which is unnecessarily occupying precious spaces at the warehouse.

Deadstock is a significant cash-flow killer which, at times, has seen compelling organizations to shut down their businesses. Besides, the evil of dead stock has serious negative effects on the already deteriorated environment of ours. It is therefore important for companies to pay heed to this issue for a sustainable and thriving future.

Although there are ways to curb the situation of non-moving inventory and create ways to sell off their unsold products, yet possibilities are always at stake. Over the years, organizations have been rooting for an absolute cure to the problem but the success rate is meager as none. Therefore in order to help businesses overcome this hurdle.

While helping businesses and individuals with financial gain, In the last couple of years, Hotshelf is also helping businesses to add life to their dead stock but also enabling the buyers to get a good bargain over the choice of products. Along with that, the organization is also contributing towards saving the environment from further damage, as dead stock when disposed turns into an environmental pollutant. Pollution is a menace and is one of the highest causes of death among all health risks. Studies reveal that in India one in eight deaths is due to air pollution, which is much higher than deaths caused due to smoking. Emission of carbon footprint by industries is a prime factor which is fuelling the rise of pollution in the air and dumping or burning the dead stock adds more to it. The emergence of Hotshelf has made a lot of progress in eradicating this hazard up to a great extent.

In all these years of its existence, the company has earned the reputation of being a game changer among the business fraternity and received numerous accolades from industry experts for revolutionizing the concept of dead stock. Started in the year 2017 in Mohali, Punjab, Hotshelf has created numerous opportunities for business owners to recoup a substantial amount of investment by clearing the excess stock, lying dusted on the warehouse shelves. At present, the company is only into the healthcare sector but is hoping to expand its horizon to other industries. A torchbearer for companies to clear the obsolete stock, Hotshelf is gaining the right momentum in the market which indicates the company’s clear intention about its future plans of expansion.

Being in the distribution industry for twenty years, the creators of Hotshelf are well aware of the repercussions faced by companies due to excess inventory. After years of research and brainstorming the entrepreneur duo came up with this the disruptive idea which is regarded as one of the most innovative business concepts in years. With a simple idea to help businesses to gain financial profit by bringing their dead stock to life, Hotshelf was launched and over the years, it has turn out to be a boon to several businesses dealing with the menace of dead stock.

Looking at the present scenario, it is quite evident that Hotshelf is soon going to become every industry’s savior during the crisis of dead stock. Therefore, we can conclude that Hotshelf is here to turn things around for companies in despair.                                                                     

About Hotshelf

Hotshelf is an online marketplace which lets business owners from distant parts of the world list their non-moving inventory also referred to as dead stock, for potential buyers and convert dead stock into cash. With an experience of over 20 years in the distribution business as a promoter, the founder’s start-up this platform in the concern of death stocks going waste

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