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Horses Stable’s second funding round to start from June 14

Horses Stable's second funding round to start from June 14 1

After the huge success of its first season, fundraising startup Horses Stable is ready for yet another season of funding.  Applications for Season 2 will go live on 14th June when all the startups that have been operational for at least six months may register and pitch their business ideas to venture capitalists. The start-ups will be shortlisted by an eminent jury helped by a Proprietary Investor Readiness Report from Natio Cultus. In the first season investors pleaded to invest 41.5 crore rupees in 18 startups. For season 2 there will be 6-8 investors who expect to invest 76 crores on participating startups. For Season 2 Horses Stable’s theme is “If you are unique, we are interested”

DATE: 14th June

About Horses Stable:

Horses Stable is a first of its kind venture that provides a platform for startups and investors. Startups can pitch their business ideas and investors that find the business worth investing in; can invest money in the startup. There are many startups in India that have good and unique ideas but due to lack of funding end up failing. Horses Stable helps them by giving a platform to pitch their business ideas to investors and raise funding for their business. It also grooms startups on how to pitch their ideas and helps them in their presentation.  

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