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Health is Wealth! And Wealth is family!!!

Although families all over the world have transformed greatly over the past few decades in terms of their structure and as a result of global trends and demographic changes but one can’t think of any better goal than a healthy family…and making that goal a priority means more than just putting it at the top of your list – it means taking action…Literally! On the occasion of International Family Day, Ascent Meditech Limited, a leading playerin Orthopedic Soft Goods, Mobility, Wound-care and Healthcare products, brings to you the Flamingo range of Active Lifestyle products that can be used by people across all age-groups for regular day-to-day activities.

While Flamingo products under the Orthopaedic and Healthcare segments cater to the various musculoskeletal and lifestyle-related disorders respectively, the focus of products under the Mobility and Wound segments is directed towards mobility impairment and wound care. The Company also offers a wide range of products. Orthopedic Soft Goods (OSG) for upper extremity, lower extremity & spine. Mobility Aids/Assistive devices to improve mobility of people whole range of bandages for home & hospital use. Health care products based on cold therapy & heat therapy.

One of the most popular and therapy products that consumers across the world are trusting is Flamingo Orthopedic Heat Belt, the flagship product of Ascent Meditech Ltd. – a result of years of research, development and innovation. The Heat Therapy range comprises of Sauna Belt, Heat Belt (Travel) and Premium Heat Belt amongst others.

Cold Therapy range, include Flamingo Cool Pack, Flamingo Cool Eyes and Flamingo Hot & Cold Eyes Mask. Our Cold Therapy products provides relief from stress, injuries etc.

Our portfolio of products also includes Waist Trimmer, Exercise Cycle and innovative products (i.e.) Diabetic Socks. Waist Trimmer helps to reduce excess weight and reduces unwanted inches. It supports abdomen & captures body heat produced during exercise & increases perspiration around waistline. An easy to wear product, it is an economical way to reduce excessive weight over the abdominal region. Exercise Cycle helps to strengthen, tone arm & leg muscles as well as for coordination & rehabilitation purposes.

It is light in weight and easy to assemble and disassemble. It can be stored anywhere at home/ clinic and is available with anti-skid rubber bottom. Diabetic Socks is recommended for patients suffering from diabetics, arthritis, foot pain and sensitive foot. Presence of extra padded knitted bottom protects the patient from light injuries and shoe bites.

Mr. Rajiv Mistry, Founder & MD, Ascent Meditech Limited; said, “On the occasion of International Family Day, make Flamingo your family brand choice and pledge to live a healthy and an active lifestyle. Our genuine quality products enable consumers to progress and lead a lifestyle which they desire. In this regard, we have developed products which simultaneously provide relief from stress as well as from pain. Our product range also extends to enhancing fitness and reducing excessive weight respectively.”

Flamingo also offers Premium Thigh Support, Premium Calf Support, Premium Elbow Support, Premium Exercise Band, amongst others. Premium Thigh Support is recommended in arthritis, sports injury & post-surgical rehabilitation care. 

Premium Calf Support is designed for injured or weak shin and calf.  It provides compression & support over calf muscles & shin as well as increases blood circulation. Premium Elbow Support provides relief from pain associated with old age, arthritis, sports injury, etc. It retains heat & uniform compression that helps to reduce pain. It has a specially knit design at joint region for better flexibility.

It has easy elbow movement and better comfort. Premium Exercise Band is used to strengthen, tone, shape muscles. They offer easy & affordable aid to increase strength, stamina and coordination. They are light in weight, compact and portable. They come in 5 different resistance levels identified by colours. All these products can be used by individuals and in clinics. 

The Company has appointed Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador for their flagship brand ‘Flamingo’. Adhering to international certification standards for medical products, the Flamingo range of 320+ products, are accepted by consumers in 50 countries globally.

The epitome of super-human fitness and dancer par excellence, Hrithik Roshan unveiled the teaser of a new consumer awareness campaign titled ‘An Aid for a New Life’ marking his brand endorsement of Flamingo Orthopedic Soft Goods, Mobility, Wound-care and Healthcare products.

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