Healing Workshop to Meet the Super- Conscious Held at New Delhi

Well-known energy healer & founder of Womb Stories; Richa Jindal conducted a 3-day’ residential workshop on healing techniques to realize the power of an individual body, mind & soul. The workshop held at Lutyens resort, New Delhi provided an insight to the different energy frequency of an individual, understanding the dynamic working of karma followed by Meditation & past life therapy.  The participants included corporate executive, housewives, senior citizens & millennials.

The three-day workshop was divided into varied sessions based on theoretical & individual interaction. The session focussed on emotional quotient, heart chakra, womb clearing technique, 5D energy vibration, understanding the Energy Grid, learning the past life technique, connecting with the super-conscious & resolving the past life karma.

In the words of Richa Jindal, Energy Alchemist & Founder of Womb Stories, “the workshop is a way to make people understand about inner conflicts & karmas in life. All the past life files, current life files get stored in the super-conscious. This information & pain etc are carried by our DNA to the next life & even through our DNA to our children. When we walk through the sessions, we unlock these emotionally strong files to ignite the HEALING as the mind starts releasing the strongest emotion attached.”

Tayjasvani from Pune one of the participants shared her experience “I came to know about this course through FB.  She held my hand to experience this beautiful journey. I found the purpose of my life. First time in my life I felt connected with myself. Problems got results not the solution.”

After the completion of 3-day workshop the participants were able to understand their inner conflicts, emotions & helped release the blocks thus experiencing greater peace & freedom.


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