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Gurudwaras and other Religious Centres Likely to Re-open After Innovative Solution Helps Slow the Spread of COVID-19

Gurudwaras and other Religious Centres Likely to Re-open After Innovative Solution Helps Slow the Spread of COVID-19 1

Ever since the lockdown was initiated and COVID-19 started spreading, high human density centres like Gurudwaras, Temples, Churches and Mosques – all have been shut off to the public. Although many a religious centre has adopted digital means to televise the evening prayer session, one must wonder if there’s a solution that can allow priests and other congregants to pray safely together in their respective religious centres.

One such solution, provided by Safe Space, is a nanotech spray that can significantly address and reduce the public healthcare challenges that continue to rise today since the pandemic was declared. The anti-microbial coating is a constant sterilization solution for building infrastructure systems that protects against all kinds of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The company utilised the coating in a Greater Kailash Gurudwara’s kitchen to help make the religious centre virus free for workers, congregants and priests.

Talking about the product at the Gurudwara was Mr. Sasha Bose who said, “The anti-microbial and viral reducing coating is currently applied as a mist, by a low pressure spray gun that has a 0.3mm nozzle or a conventional hand brush. Our nano coating technology is constantly reacting with viral and microbial contaminants that come into contact with it, and has been proven to oxidise all micro-organisms. So, we hope that our stint at the Gurudwara will help us in validating our product for mass use in residential, commercial, industrial and healthcare sectors. And we’re sure that once its success reaches the government, it will not only create better safeguards but also help the devout devotees to attend prayer meetings.”

While many nanotechnology based products are being developed worldwide for deployment, containment, diagnosis and treatment, Safe Space is already helping residential, religious, commercial and industrial buildings to slow down the spread of the virus via nanotechnology sprays.

The idea was borne out of a need to help the general public after a paper at the University of Arizona suggested that specially formulated antimicrobial coatings can help keep surfaces clean of human coronavirus for up to 90 days with one application. Additionally, the same study also found that the virus on coated surfaces can be reduced by 90% in 10 minutes and by 99.9% in two hours.

The spray provided by Safe Space can be used on ceilings, tables, poles, handles, glasses, walls, and wooden furniture, plastic and ceramic tiles. The water based super hygiene coatings can also be used to coat surfaces that may have been infected by bacteria, viruses and fungal infection. The coating has been tested and approved to kill S. Aurus, E. Coli, MERS, SARS and other bacteria as per the BS test conducted.

Besides the spray, Safe Space has also developed a jumpsuit for industrial workers, migrant workers, general public and anybody else who requires a full body protection against the virus. The anti-microbial jumpsuit developed by Safe Space is a unique combination of vesicle and silver technologies called the Nanochemiqs ViroWipe JS01 textile treatment. The treatment is designed to effectively reduce the virus and bacteria infectivity on contact. Functioning as a constant sterilization solution to protect against the virus particulate matter that may settle on the human body, the jumpsuit can be worn by industrial workers, office goers and many more.

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