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Government of Rajasthan, DOIT partners with DealShare and launches a B2B platform to ease the essential goods supply woes

Government of Rajasthan, DOIT partners with DealShare and launches a B2B platform to ease the essential goods supply woes 1

To ease the supply woes amidst COVID-19 outbreak for wholesalers and retailers of essential commodities, the Government of Rajasthan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with DealShare, one of the fastest-growing social e-commerce companies. Under this MOU, they have launched a B2B platform – ‘’.  ‘’ will function as an open marketplace that connects wholesalers of essential commodities with retailers. The platform will enable registered suppliers to sell their products to registered Kirana stores from across 33 districts in the state. With this, DealShare, which primarily deals with home essentials becomes the only e-commerce company in the state to extend its technical support to a government entity.

Through this association, DealShare has been entrusted with end to end maintenance of the platform. Additionally, DealShare can also offer their robust delivery network to assist in the seamless movement of the products from the suppliers to the Kirana stores. The platform will be accessible to all the listed suppliers and retailers across 33 districts in the state.

​Sharing his views on this partnership, Mr. Vineet Rao, Founder & CEO, DealShare, said, “With the lockdown extending, it is extremely important to ensure a steady supply of essentials both to the end customer as well as retailers. In fact, one of the biggest issues faced by retailers or Kirana stores in lockdown 1.0 was the supply deficit. We are extremely delighted to extend our expertise to the Government of Rajasthan and co-create an advanced tech-led eco-system that will ease the process of supply for more than thousand manufacturers & suppliers and procurement for more than a lac Kirana stores. In the beta phase itself, the platform saw many wholesalers and a good number of retailers buying and selling essentials. We are confident the traction will increase in the coming days. Additionally, business as usual, through our own B2C and B2B platforms,, we will continue to provide the last-mile delivery to the end consumers and Kiranas.”

Over the last one month, DealShare has been in the forefront of ensuring a continuous supply of home essentials to over 10 lakh customers across Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. They were one of the first few e-commerce players to have received official permission from the state administrations of Rajasthan and Gujarat to continue their services during the initial phase of the COVID-19 lockdown. 

“At DealShare, our primary objective is to not only ease the situation for the consumers but also to support other stakeholders including the government, the suppliers and the local stores. This MOU is an extension of our determination to support the community at large in the battle againstCOVID-19. This will definitely ease the burden from suppliers who have not been able to sell their inventory as well as retailers who have not been able to get supplies. It will also provide the end consumers with easy access to a ready supply of essentials,” added Mr. Sourjyendu Medda, Founder CBO and CFO DealShare. 

During these tough times, DealShare has been instrumental in assisting over 100 indigenous /local brands and 10,000 retail/Kirana stores across Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra to continue with their business.

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