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Government of India to arrange 2 special flights from Doha to India for evacuating Indians

Government of India to arrange 2 special flights from Doha to India for evacuating Indians 1

The Government of India has decided to operate two special flights from Doha to India. As per current information, the first one will be from Doha to Kochi on 7th May 2020 and the second from Doha to Thiruvananthapuram on 10th May 2020. The passenger lists for both these flights will be finalized by the Embassy on the basis of registrations made in the Embassy website for this purpose. Priority will be given to pregnant women, urgent medical cases, workers in distress, senior citizens as well as to other people who are stranded in difficult situations. The Embassy will contact the short-listed people for each flight directly through email/telephone. The cost of the tickets and other conditions for travel, including quarantine requirements after reaching India, apart from health requirements to board the flight, will be conveyed in due course and will have to be accepted by each passenger. Air tickets will be issued by the airline only to those on the passenger lists prepared by the Embassy.

The Embassy will also be publicizing the details of further flights to different destinations in India, as and when they become available. The process for finalization of the passenger lists for other flights will remain the same. Given that the Embassy has received almost 40,000 registrations for repatriation, it is natural that it will take time for all people to be accommodated. Please be assured that fair and objective criteria will be used to prioritise passengers for each flight. We seek patience and cooperation from everyone, as the Government of India undertakes this massive task of repatriation of stranded Indian nationals. It is also requested that, in view of the social distancing norms prescribed by the Government of the State of Qatar to contain the spread of Covid-19, visits to the Embassy should be avoided by persons who do not have an appointment.

For any queries, the following details may kindly be used:

Embassy Helpline Nos (24X7)

Embassy : Covid-19 helpline: +974 55667569, 55647502
Email :

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