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Gleeden – The most beloved dating app for women reaches 1 million users in India

Gleeden - The most beloved dating app for women reaches 1 million users in India 1

 Gleeden; World’s first discreet extramarital dating app has crossed the milestone of 1 Million Indian users today. The platform caters to married individuals between the age group of 34-49 years.

Since the beginning of the pandemic that forced people to self-isolate in their homes, the platform has been seeing a steady increase of traffic in the past two months and during March and April it recorded +166% new subscriptions compared to January and February 2020.

The increase in user base has witnessed a huge surge in women users on the platform. In India, now the men: women ratio is 36:64 which brings the Indian community close to the composition reached in Europe.

Most of the new users come from big metropolitan areas, with Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi leading the ranking; they are young professionals, educated and they look for a virtual romance to liven up the boredom during the lockdown. Especially women, that tick “virtual affair” as their primary choice of sought relationship.

Speaking about Gleeden’s achievement in India, Ms. Solene Paillet, Marketing Director of Gleeden states that, “We are proud and humbled by Gleeden’s performance in India. What is even more pleasing is the rise in women user base in the country. Gleeden has always strived to be a platform that wishes to comfort women who are strangled in unwanted relationships and we are glad that even in this perilous times, where we are physically denied the affection of friends, colleagues and neighbours,  we can offer them the comfort of new virtual friendships and romantic adventures without putting at risks their everyday life”

Gleeden also simultaneously conducted a survey across Indian metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad to study their customer behaviour amid the lockdown. The survey was conducted from 28th March –5th May’20 among 1500 people and the data reveals that 64.6% people think that ‘sex’ is extremely important in a marriage/relationship while 28.7% people voted in favour of sex being an important part of a relationship. Only 5.3% people have voted for sex being somewhat important while less than 2% have voted in for sex being not that important or not at all important in their relationship or marriage.

A virtual affair on Gleeden is an added spark to these women’s lives who might/might not be facing problems in their relationship/marriages but are certainly not shying away from a forbidden flirt on Gleeden’s platform. The data reveals that 48.1% people think that it is possible to be in love with two different people at the same time while 44.5% are against it, 7.4% people cannot clear their stand on the question. Out of the total voters, 49.9% are women while 50.1% are men.

Among the cities, Delhi holds the highest percentage of people who voted in affirmation to the question with 57.7% followed by Ahmedabad at 48.7% and Mumbai at 48.5%. Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore follow them with 48.1%, 43% and 40.8% respectively.

“We are well aware that the return to normality after a pandemic of this extent will bring new challenges to the online dating industry: people will be cautious to meet with strangers and scared about possible contagions. – adds Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager for IndiaTherefore, online affairs are the safest choice to all those who simply seek a distraction from their everyday life, especially after two months of coerced cohabitation with their spouses. We estimate that traffic and subscriptions on Gleeden will keep on growing at a steady pace in the next future”.

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