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Gift something ‘Rajasthani’, Raj industries department pitches for handicrafts

Gift something ‘Rajasthani’, Raj industries department pitches for handicrafts 1

The industries department of Rajasthan is promoting local handicrafts and handloom products as gifts items for Diwali festival. Along with promotional activities to encourage the public for giving preference to local handicrafts as gifts for the festival, the department has written to business and trade groups asking for their support. It is a tradition at many corporates to share gifts with their employees and associates and the handicrafts offer a wide variety of products to suit their needs. The department is also offering discount on the purchase of handicraft items from its select stores of Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation limited.

Rajasthan has a rich heritage of handicrafts and handlooms that have gained immense popularity internationally. Many of these art forms have been passed on within artisan families for several generations and the products are of great quality and aesthetic value. These traditional industries produce variety of products from items of daily use to valuable artefacts and form great gift items. People can select from a diverse range of items such as pottery, wooden work, handmade paper, tarakashi and even metal tools and handloom products.

Promotion of handicrafts and betterment of artisans has been a priority of the state government under leadership of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. The recent promotional campaign become even more relevant following the COVID scenario. “There are more than 4 lakh handicrafts unit in Rajasthan and many of them have been adversely impacted by COVID scenario and providing support to the artisans has emerged as one of the top priorities for the industries department,” said Ms. Archana Singh, Commissioner of Industries Government of Rajasthan.

Those interested to find a special gift may also consider to choose handmade products of artists of state and national fame. Rajasthan has been blessed with a large number of such talented artisans. Let us celebrate Diwali with them and wish for prosperity of the state.  Those interested to buy such products may also search details on the Rajasthan government portal, or through the Rajasthan industries department website

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