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Gender Differences in the Usage of Online Dating Apps

Gender Differences in the Usage of Online Dating Apps 1

Online dating platforms have fundamentally transformed the dating experience for the better. Millennials are spending more time finding a partner with a similar vibe and getting to know each other by forming emotional connections over deeper conversations. Also, general public attitudes towards online dating have evolved in recent years and are much more positive now.

Over time, with the evolving landscape of dating and an increasing number of online dating platforms; various trends that significantly influence the dating experience have emerged. India’s leading dating platform QuackQuack where one can meet several verified local singles and like-minded people for dating and matchmaking right away has shared some key insights into the emerging trends.

The survey was conducted on people from the following cities – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi NCR etc. The report revolves around a significant rise in women participation in online dating. In 2020, the platform witnessed a 12% spike in female users, signifying that more women are comfortable using dating apps now.

Key highlights of the report:

·         Female users login the app 48 times a day whereas male users login 24 times.

·         Chat statistics are higher for women daters as compared to men. Women chat with 25 users while men chat with 10 users.

·         More women (52%) are curious to meet people from other cities while 48% of them are fine with dating from their location. Talking about men, 63% of them prefer dating from their location.

·         Majority of women (64%) feel safe using dating apps.

·         60% of women would prefer meeting their date in person. While 40% women are comfortable dating virtually due to the pandemic, men are less keen on a virtual date at 22%.

·         Initially, 90.8% women prefer longer text conversations over video calls as they feel uncomfortable to start a conversation directly on a video call.

Speaking about the survey report, Mr. Ravi Mittal, Founder & CEO of Quack Quack, said, “Today, more women are adapting to dating culture and undeniably, finding genuine profiles is their top-most priority. At QuackQuack, we have strict safety measures in place which make women feel secured, safe and enhance their dating experience without concern.”

“Talking about the survey report, it has some interesting insights into how dating culture is evolving with increasing involvement of women”, he added.

Another interesting revelation is with regard to both genders’ focus while using dating apps. While 45% of women use dating apps to make new friends, 40% of men are interested in dating. Additionally, 30% of women are looking for a partner to marry and would want to take their relationship to the next level. Also, 54% women would still use dating apps even after finding a partner and seek more matches.

When asked about women’s action on finding a better partner, 43% of women admitted to directly ghost their match if they find someone better whereas 19% of them would politely refuse their match. However, for the majority of men (55%), meeting in person is important to decide as compared to women, 38% of whom would want to meet in person to decide between the two.

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