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FRIENDS Celebrates World Senior Citizen Day by launching Reel Campaign

FRIENDS Celebrates World Senior Citizen Day by launching Reel Campaign 1

For the upcoming Senior Citizens Day, Friends Adult Diapers is launching an interesting Reel campaign with firstborn influencers Ravi Bala Sharma (Aka Dancing Dadi), Manjari Varde (Aka Sassy Sau), Tripat Singh and Dinesh Mohan, on 21 August (Saturday) to spread awareness on incontinence and how the use of diapers can gift ‘ azadi’ to those suffering from it.

The influencers are known for their pushback against ageism and for continuing to pursue their passion despite the number of candles on their cake. Four 45-59 second reels will be released by each of these senior influencers where they will speak about how they have not let age hold them back from pursuing their dreams and so problems such as incontinence should not stop other seniors as well. They will urge the family members & caregivers to speak to their grandparents and parents about combatting incontinence, wearing diapers, getting over stigma and continuing to live life well. They will also mention how Friends Adult Diapers has been making conversation in this zone and helping seniors reclaim their azadi for two decades.

The objective of the campaign is to spread awareness, urge young people to start conversations and break the stigma surrounding incontinence. The seniors will ask their viewers to comment on the reels with their own experiences/reviews of how their conversations with the elders at home went. Friends will be reposting the content on their page and re-circulating the posts through WhatsApp.

Speaking  on the campaign Dinesh Mohan said, “when this idea was presented to me I practically jumped at the collaboration since I have no complex in sharing that due to depression and stress and other medical reasons I had started suffering from urinary incontinence…intake of water was a problem and sleep cycles were also disturbed but soon I realised that suffering in silence due to stigma was not good and hampered my recovery…so I discussed with my family and physician and used adult diapers for some time and soon with will power and medical intervention I overcame this condition”

Tripat Singh said, “I myself being a senior citizen know how it feels when sometimes you lose control over your own body and feel helpless. At that time what you seek is an emotional support and someone to talk to. I salute Friends adult diapers who took the initiative and informed the world about the less spoken disease “incontinence.” I am glad that through Friends adult diapers I could speak out my heart and became a part of this drive.

Kartik Johari, Vice-President – Marketing & e-commerce, Nobel Hygiene, said, “This Senior Citizens Day we chose to shed light on a silent plight of our silvers—one that is both emotionally and physically debilitating and yet virtually unspoken about—Incontinence. And so, the one day that we’re supposed to remember the generation for whom we are here, we would urge everyone, across demographics and age group to start a conversation! At least go and have a conversation with your seniors at home. Talk to them about incontinence, verbalise it! Acknowledge and help them acknowledge that they may be facing issues and problems which it is okay to vocalise and seek help with. Note that if their own family can’t help them bridge this gap, it’ll be virtually impossible for anyone else to. So, with that intention, we’ve started with this campaign under our #AzadiMubarak header with the hope of creating more and more conversation over the course of the next few years.”

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