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Forseeing the Future : Indian Gaming Industry and Its Revelations

Forseeing the Future : Indian Gaming Industry and Its Revelations 1

In India, the gaming industry is expanding way quicker than most other digital sectors ranging from movies to music videos. India is still a developing nation but India’s thriving gaming industry is worth $930 million and ranks first in the world. It is the second largest among world nations when it comes to internet consumption with over 560 million users as per records. Investors are foreseeing this opportunity to gain maximum profit. India has already surpassed many top nations to become the tycoon when it comes to mobile gaming. India is a country that is colossal when it comes to population. 

All kinds of people belonging to different age groups try to entertain themselves by engaging in different activities. India has a population that includes more than 50 % being under the age of 25 who are very much vulnerable to the daily usage of smartphones. An interesting fact is that among the people who do gaming daily in India, 60 % of them are under the below 25 age category. So, what exactly is the reason for youngsters being the market for the online gaming industry? 

One the prime reasoning that can be given as to why youngsters that fall under this age category are engaged with online gaming is of course the usage of smartphones. Of the people who do online gaming, 85% of them account using smartphones whereas 11% account for PC users and only 4% for tablet users. And from these people who use smartphones on a daily basis, 30 % of them are daily internet consumers. 

Smartphones are something that is easily accessible in comparison with PC and tablets. You have the luxury to carry the mobile phone anywhere according to your wish and engane in different things. The Internet is being revolutionized as 4G is going to a distant memory with the introduction of 5G and more advanced smartphone devices. People have access to all kinds of smartphones that have a growth rate of 15% every year and the affordable tariff plans provided by some companies makes people glued to their smartphones. 

All these reasons give us a fair idea as to why the youngsters in India are the foremost patron of the gaming industry. 

India’s mobile gaming network to grow rapidly in value by 2025

It is expected that India being one of the leading nations when it comes to mobile gaming is going to expand thrice in value within the coming four years particularly impelled by a population ranging from 15 to 35. India has very less competition when it comes  to the mobile gaming market and it has one of the largest app consumers along with internet usage. 12% of the downloads in the world alone comes from India. 

India is predicted to have a gaming market that is worth  $6-7 billion in 2025 from $1.8 billion at present.

According to a survey of 500 hardcore gamers, roughly 70% of those polled said they play 2-5 games at the same time. People are being driven by the rising number of various online games available to them and there is a plethora of productive and addictive games that they could choose from. 

Mobile gaming is being highly valued by the people of India and there are certain online games that have been a part of the whole scenario since long ago. This includes a variety of games starting from harcore games and simple time consuming games. Even though people spend more time playing games trying to kill their time, there are people who try to be productive also. That is the reason why Casino games are highly relevant in the mobile gaming industry. 

Some of the Most Played Casino Games in India

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is one among the most popular games that was not only present in India, but the whole Asia. It began to trespass boundaries with it’s introduction online and people from different parts of the world began to be highly interested in this Indian game. The game is easily accessible online which reduces the need to travel and have fun outside. You can be in your comfort and play the game privately or on the move as well. Andar Bahar is one of the prime reasons why casino games are highly popular in India at this point of time. 


Roulette is one of the widely used and highly popular casino games in India. Roulette basically means small wheels and it is a betting game in which people will be able to bet on values that are given on the pockets and the win is decided according to the land of the spinning ball which will be clocked in the opposite direction of the wheel. Enormous number of Roulette games are available online from various providers. 


Baccarat is another popular at the same time quite glamorous casino game which is very simple as well as addictive. The two hands in Baccarat are known as the banker and the player. Players can choose their side according to their wish and you will have two distinctive gaming experiences while you switch positions. Like Roulette, there are many versions of Baccarat available online from which games can choose from.

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