Emmbi B2C Division doubles in size. PAT shows a handsome growth of 17% for FY19

Emmbi Industries Limited came out with a record performance in Q4 of FY19.

Performance Highlights:

Emmbi Industries Limited ( Standalone Results)
Particulars (Rs. In Millions) FY19 FY18 Y-o-Y%
Total Revenue 3148.45 2789.83 12.85
EBITDA 411.05 352.96 16.46
Margin % 14.22 13.87  
PAT 177.90 152.62 16.57
Margin % 6.16 6.00  
Emmbi Industries Limited ( Standalone Results)
Particulars (Rs. In Millions) Q 4 FY19 Q 4 FY18 Q-o-Q%
Total Revenue 826.61 754.75 9.52
EBITDA 106.14 97.09 9.32
Margin % 14.06 14.19  
PAT 48.14 40.63 18.50
Margin % 6.38 5.94  

Commenting on the performance Mr. Makrand Appalwar, Chairman & Managing Director, Emmbi Industries Limited said, “Our business decision of ‘Going Rural’ in the B2C market has been playing out favourably and has led to an encouraging growth in both EBITDA and PAT. Both the parameters have grown by around 17 % on YoY basis. We credit a large part of this to the efficient team which has worked relentlessly to gain customer confidence resulting in better numbers for this year. We have also started to focus on our retail division Avana, which is aimed at creating affordable water conservation technologies to empower Indian farmers to grow out of poverty.”

About Emmbi Industries Limited:

Emmbi Industries Limited is a well-established brand in polymer processing and a niche player with advance applications in the areas of water conservation, agriculture, packaging, advanced composites, geo-textiles and various other polymer based materials. Emmbi has consistently built a good reputation amongst all stakeholders for over 20 years.

About Avana, a division of Emmbi:Avana is aimed at developing affordable technologies to empower farmers to grow out of poverty. Avana’s flagship technology, Jalasanchay, is the world’s most cost-effective end-to-end water conservation solution. Through this department, Emmbi has reached 5000 farmers across Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Apart from brining fresh perspective, Avana is tasked with creating a purpose-led, inspiring workplace that attracts the right kind of talent to deliver on their vision.


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