DealShare to provide home essentials free of cost to underprivileged households hit by COVID-19

Strengthening their resolve to provide uninterrupted availability of home essentials to all sections of the society, DealShare, one of the fastest growing social e-commerce companies has launched DealShare Essentials Allotment Scheme (DEALS). Under this unique initiative, DealShare will distribute a basket of 15 necessary items to the underprivileged households across Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. 

Elaborating about the initiative, Mr. Vineet Rao founder and CEO, DealShare said, “COVID-19 has created an unexpected and unparalleled situation especially in smaller markets and has impacted the purchasing power of many households. Several households are struggling to access the essentials owing to shortage of food supply and cash crunch and we felt that it is our utmost duty to serve the society with our complete strength. It is with this intention that we have initiated- DealShare Essentials Allotment Scheme (DEALS), a program that aims at providing essential food to underprivileged households. Through DEALS, we have provided home essentials to more than 100 households across Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. We have earmarked 10% of our profits towards the initiative. We are planning to provide essentials to at least 10,000 underprivileged households across the country.  

The basket will consist of 15 essentials like oil, atta, sugar, rice, onion, potato, salt, dal, coriander powder, turmeric powder, chilli powder, tea, besan laddoo, washing soap and bathing soap.

A fast growing social e-commerce company, DealShare has been in the forefront of ensuring continuous supply of home essentials across Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. They were one of the first few e-commerce players to have received official permission from the state administrations of Rajasthan and Gujarat to continue their services. The permission has helped DealShare to provide uninterrupted supply of home essentials to its 10 lack customers. Apart from customers, the sanction from the authorities has also benefitted more than 100 indigenous /local brands who have been selling home essentials like rice, sugar, atta and oil on the platform. In addition, the move has also enabled DealShare to extend their support to more than 10,000 retail and Kirana Store across the states.

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