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Cut down in syllabus for academic session 2020-21 is a one-time measure, clarifies CBSE

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has clarified that topics mentioned in certain media reports as dropped from the syllabus are either being covered by the rationalized syllabus or are in the Alternative Academic Calendar of NCERT. In a press statement, CBSE informed that the Alternative Academic Calendar of NCERT is already in force for all the affiliated schools of the board. It said, the rationalization of syllabus of up to 30 per cent has been undertaken for nearly 190 subjects. The Board further highlighted that the cut down in syllabus from class 9th to 12th for the academic session 2020-21 is a one-time measure.

The Board maintained that the objective of the current rationalization is to reduce the exam stress of students due to the prevailing health emergency situation and to prevent learning gaps. CBSE has clarified that no question will be asked from the truncated syllabus in the Board Exams of 2020-21. CBSE informed that the schools have also been directed to follow the Alternative Academic Calendar prepared by NCERT for transacting the curriculum.

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