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Coworking: The Evolution of the way we work

Coworking: The Evolution of the way we work 1

If you trace back the origins of coworking spaces, then you will find that it has been around for quite a long time. In the 1990s there were similar places for working but the modern concept of coworking space will have to be credited to Brad Neuberg. 

In 2005, he created the first coworking space for himself and fellow entrepreneurs. It was nothing like what you will get today. But it is the first space, the one from which the other coworking spaces took inspiration. 

It did not have any modern amenities that are taken for granted in any coworking space. Brad Neuberg created a space that was supposed to build a community in itself. The extra luxuries were not his concern. Since he worked alone, this was a way for him to meet with new people and build familiarity with them. 

This is what coworking space is all about. And companies are beginning to take notice of that as well. Even some large organizations are considering coworking spaces as a legitimate working option. With this, they can successfully break down their departments into smaller working units. A smaller unit means that the members can work better with each other when they are close to each other.

Coworking space also allows the employees of the company to meet other working professionals in the industry. They can build connections or meet new clients in this way. They can operate from prime locations within budget and without the need for high-end capital requirements. In India, coworking spaces have been rising since their establishment providing a wide range of options to work from whether it is budget, location, requirements, and other needs and wants according to the individuals seeking to work from these places. 

However, you can either put a lot of unnecessary extra effort in sorting and finding out the best places for you or you can also head on over to a well-established platform like Coworkingers to find and compare coworking spaces well suited for you without any hassle. 

Potential in coworking spaces

Although coworking spaces are mainly used by startups and freelancers, it is slowly becoming popular among mainstream companies. Community spaces such as these can be accommodating for all kinds of people. There are private rooms for one to two people and there are also common rooms for 20 – 30 people to work in together. 

Coworking spaces also rent out entire floors for companies to use for their employees. Large scale companies can use these rented places instead of their reses. Earlier they had to take care of everything for the space themselves. The furniture, the office materials as well as the bills themselves. But now they are getting ready to use space that can also make their employees happy. Being in close contact with other companies and individuals, they also have access to new talents and potential employees.  

Business opportunities 

Coworking spaces also work in favor of the big companies. Working at close distance with other companies can offer the opportunity to new ventures and projects. The workers can meet new people who are of the same mindset as themselves. This can lead to collaborations. A collaborative project can also benefit the company.

It is also possible for the company to meet new clients and future partners. The large community that exists in the coworking space is made up of different people often with the same professional mind. So it is not uncommon if you find your next partner or client among them.

A common space also helps the people to keep in touch with the current news or changes in the industry. A company can only prosper and keep up with the trends when it knows about the trends. Placing the employees in such an environment will keep them in touch with the industry news.

Accommodate the needs of the workforce

Although it is originally meant to be just a common working space. It is slowly evolving to be something more than that. Newer coworking companies are trying to create spaces that will cater to the needs of the modern workforce. Instead of general spaces, they are creating specialized places for people to work in harmony. 

One of the examples of such projects is the women-only coworking space. There are not many currently but it is there in some areas. This is not all. Coworking spaces are constantly evolving to suit the needs of the current workers. They are adaptable in the way that permanent offices cannot hope to be, and it’s well known that adaptability is of major importance for success. You can expect them to continue changing when the workers or companies demand something else. 

Final Takeaway

In the end, a coworking space is a middle ground between the interests of the company and the employees. The coworking establishments have been successful in growing the business ecosystem in India by their amenities and the services it provides.  The companies can look after their interests while also making sure that their employees are happy and satisfied. 

However, not only this but coworking spaces also provide virtual offices which aid the work from home norms in a period of crisis like lockdown. Individuals can work from home with productivity and efficiency without worrying about the miscellaneous and other overheads. 

The productivity levels are dependent on the condition of the workers. If they are in an environment that enables them to work more freely and develop their skills if needed, they will perform better. The community-like atmosphere of the coworking space will also allow the workers to meet new opportunities.

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