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Chronicles of the Mortal Vishnu, A Mythological Thrill is on shelves now!

Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place witnessed the launch of the most anticipated debut book of 2019 “Chronicles of the Mortal Vishnu” by a young author from Assam, “Antar Atreya”. Mr. Pushkar Raj Thakur and Mrs. Geetika Saigal were the guests of honor.

 Antar Atreya wrote his first book “Classic Suspense Stories“ at the age of 14 which was a huge success. He has been a co-author with renowned novelist ‘Durjoy Dutta’ in “Pocket full O’ Stories”.

Speaking at the event, the author – Antar Atreya talked about his immense love for the characters of Baahubali(The Movie), and the Avengers, and how other genres have helped his writing process.

“Thrillers, Love Stories, Suspense, War, Mythological Fantasy Genres, my interests in books are wide and varied, and as such they help me form my vision, and spark the imagination for my stories. Bhagwat Geeta and various mythological books have helped me in my research work, right from being an UPSC aspirant, to finally becoming an author. My current favourite authors are Amish Tripathi & Dan Brown”.

Both the Guests wished him success for his debut book and Antar also promised for a sequel of the book, if people continue loving the story of Chronicles of the Mortal Vishnu.   

A Small brief for the book aka Book Review!

The story of the book set in the next Treta Yuga starts from the theory of creation of Universe and how mankind came into existence. It then depicts how civilizations emerged and social norms, political structures and economic models were shaped with time.

The shift of the world from good to bad and bad to worse explains how greed, lust, selfish motives and other vices made the mankind turn corrupt. The mentor of mankind, the powerful first born- Prathamjiv creates a clan of Daityas and with invincible power he becomes a dictator, ruling the entire earth without the ideals of justice, equality and freedom.

When the earth is gripped with tyrannical rule, two prodigal warriors start their journey of becoming heroes; essentially to liberate the mankind from adharma. As their stories progress, the book is full of adventures, adrenaline twists and turns and many memorable scenes. In particular the battles depicted in the story are very real and detailed, full of strategies and counter-strikes and it makes the readers imagine every scene very clearly. Apart from the battle scenes, there are many more hypnotic sequences like a chase and couple of fight scenes in the Kailash mountain region and the flow of river Ganga from Lord Shiva’s hair-locks. The book also shows mystic creatures like Yakshas and Narklokis and describes their ways of life in an exciting way.

Another notable point of the book is the use of romance in a strong manner and the female characters are shown to be really empowering and mighty.  Full of many characters with their own sub-plots, the book is truly an epic saga with various twists that would surprise the readers many-a-times. The ending of the book is a huge world war which has been written like a screenplay and readers can visualize the events in it.

Overall, the book has a gripping story, potent characters and many impactful scenes and the detailing and description of every scene is amazing.

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