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China continues to reel under coronavirus infection

China continues to reel under coronavirus infection 1

China continues to reel under new coronavirus infection which has infected around 11821 people in China and at least 125 in around two dozen other countries. Death Toll has reached 259, all in China. 243 patients have recovered so far. There are about 18000 suspected cases. Health experts have warned of the risk of reinfection for the recovered. Beijing’s local authorities have asked companies to work from home until Feb 10 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
More than 30 airlines have either suspended or reduced their flights to china and many companies have closed their offices till further notice.

Meanwhile, The Trump administration has declared the coronavirus a public health emergency and ordered a temporary suspension of entry to people who pose a risk of transmitting the virus. Visitors who recently traveled to China are not allowed to enter Singapore due to the spread of coronavirus. The U.S will also limit flights from China to seven U.S. airports.
Chinese Foreign Ministry has criticized the decision of US, noting that this behavior is certainly not a gesture of goodwill as they are neither factual nor appropriate. WHO has recommended against any travel restrictions in this public health emergency.

AIR correspondent reports that Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak is anxiously waiting for two specialized coronavirus hospitals which will start taking patients on February 3 and 6 respectively. However, medical supplies are desperately needed in all the hospitals. Despite all the donations and round the clock production, country is not able to fulfil the gap between demand and supply. Due to the sheer number of infections, growing with every passing day, many countries including US are putting enrty restrictions on foreign nationals who have been to china in last 14 days. Even as experts say that infections cases are increasing due to effective testing and detection, situation remains grim and complicated. 

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