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In the first few months of life, baby’s immune defences are still immature and developing which makes them considerably more susceptible to infections from unfamiliar germs that they are not yet prepared to fight. Between crawling on the floor, touching anything and everything, babies’ tend to put objects in their mouth which may contain harmful germs that may lead to serious infection / illness.

Hence, to keep the baby healthy & protected from harmful household germs, it is recommended that one must sterilize everything that comes into contact with baby’s mouth which includes all feeding equipment, teats, soothers, toys etc.

Chicco helps the mothers do so with its dual offering i.e. 

-Hot Sterilization which consists of Electric Steam Sterilisers 

– Cold Sterilization which consists of Liquid Disinfectant Multipurpose

Chicco Electric Steam Sterilisers

Chicco sterilisers help simplify the mother’s daily practice of sterilisation and eliminate germs naturally, safely and effectively with the help of steam. The pre-washed & thoroughly rinsed feeding accessories or toys need to be placed in the Chicco steriliser, add water and switch it on. Chicco sterilisers kill 99.9% of harmful household germs and keep the objects disinfected for up to 24 hours, till the time lid is kept closed.

(a) Chicco SterilNatural 3 in 1 has three possible configurations for sterilising different quantities – convenient Full-size mode, energy efficient Compact mode, and time-saving Microwave mode. Full-size mode sanitizes multiple products in one go, compact eco mode utilizes 25% less time and energy for slightly lesser quantity of items and Microwave mode has the quickest sanitizing cycle for the least number of items i.e. just 5 minutes. It also features an advanced digital screen that helps you keep track of the remaining time.

(b) Chicco SterilNatural 2 in 1 has two configurations – Full Size mode and Compact mode to meet your specific needs. You can adjust the size of the steriliser depending on the number of items to be sterilised.

Both models are compatible with all Chicco feeding accessories, toys, soothers, teethers etc. The ‘Safe Stop’ feature ensures a safe and long-lasting functionality by switching off the steriliser automatically.   

Chicco Disinfectant Multi-purpose

Chicco Disinfectant Multi-purpose is a highly sanitizing disinfecting liquid, effective against bacteria and fungi, for the microbial decontamination of everything that comes in contact with the baby’s mouth both metal and plastic such as feeding bottles, teats, soothers, toys, tableware, gum massagers and even fruits and vegetables.

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