B J Wadia Hospital Creates Smiles By Introducing A Therapy Park For Paediatric Patients In Hospital Premises

On the occasion of Children’s day,Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children, India’s first and largest paediatric hospital, introduced a park that is uniquely designed to suit the needs of paediatric patients for outdoor therapy and integrating play with therapy. The highlight of this park is the amphitheatre built to promote and exhibit talents of the children.

Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children pledges to extend its finest services to people from all socio-economic strata. The hospital is well known for its `worldwide reputed teaching and state-of-the-art medical services offered for neonatal and paediatric care, catering to a population of 300,000 children on OPD basis, and 25,000 on SPD basis, annually with a highly accomplished team of over 60 paediatric specialists. Physiotherapy is always an integral part of our comprehensive rehabilitation team. It ranges from acute chest care to developmental therapies and involves patients and their families for extended care.

Being known for the world’s largest NICU offering end to end medical care to neonates, physiotherapists are integral members in early identification in high-risk OPDs to pick up transient neuromotor disturbances and giving early intervention physiotherapy. Thus, they jointly work with every specialty for complete rehabilitation at every stage after birth. Considering a holistic development approach towards children, Wadia hospital has come up with yet another initiative in the form of a ‘Therapy Park’ which has been created for outdoor therapy and integrating play with therapy.

Dr Minnie Bodhanwala, Chief Executive Officer of the Wadia Hospitals highlighted, “This is a park uniquely designed for the first time in India, in hospital premises. Incorporating rehabilitation, remediation, and recreation under one roof, the park was conceptualized by the Head of Wadia’s Physiotherapy department, Dr Urmila Kamat. Overcoming the challenges of making this concept a reality, the creation of this park was executed Kajal Gaba, a mural designer of “Once upon my wall”. The implementation was possible due to our association Lions Club of Juhu and Powerica as a part of their CSR initiative.”

She added, “Divided into three sections, it fulfills the criteria of inclusion and accessibility, for abled and differently-abled children. It is designed to enhance sensory-motor skills in any child, be it a locomotor disability or a sensory disorder. The highlight of this park is the amphitheatre built to promote and exhibit the talents of the children. Additionally, it provides a platform for parents to meet, come together to reduce negativity, relax, laugh and spread happiness.”


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