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Auto Industry Sales Performance of April 2021

Auto Industry Sales Performance of April 2021 1

The total production of Passenger Vehicles*, Three Wheelers, Two Wheelers and Quadricycle in the month of April 2021 was 1,875,698 units.

Domestic Sales:

  • Passenger Vehicle* sales was 261,633 units in April 2021.
  • Three-wheeler sales was 13,728 units in April 2021.
  • Two-wheeler sales was 995,097 units in April 2021.

Commenting on the April 2021 data, Mr Rajesh Menon, Director General, SIAM said “As our country battles with the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian Automobile Industry has been standing shoulder to shoulder with the Government and local authorities to provide all essential medical and non-medical support to the society, in this difficult time.

Vehicle manufacturing has been restricted and OEMs have come forward for augmenting Oxygen supply for medical use. Industry is putting all efforts to increase the availability of oxygen by providing oxygen generating plants, concentrators, cylinders, mobile oxygen vans, setting-up vehicle tracking system in oxygen carrying vehicles to reduce their turn-around-time, etc. In fact, some members have also tied up with PSA plant manufacturers to de-bottleneck their operations and scale up production of oxygen plants. Other efforts include augmenting medical care facilities and infrastructure.

As expected, the COVID wave has impacted the sales of vehicles in the month of April 2021. Sales of Passenger vehicles fell by about (-) 10.07 %, compared to March 2021, due to various restrictions in States which have been experiencing surge in COVID-19 cases. Sales of Two- Wheelers have also plummeted by (-) 33.52 %, while Three-Wheelers witnessed a de-growth of (-) 57.01 %, from March 2021 to April 2021.

Supply Chain related production challenges continue with the lockdown restrictions in many parts of the country. The demand has been clearly impacted by second wave of COVID-19, both in terms of low consumer sentiments and closure of dealerships due to lockdown restrictions”.

* BMW, Mercedes, Tata Motors & Volvo Auto data is not available.

Domestic Sales

Segment/SubsegmentDomestic Sales (in Numbers)
Mar-21Apr-21% Change
Passenger Vehicles (PVs)*   
Passenger Cars1,56,9851,41,194-10.06%
Utility Vehicles (UVs)1,22,3501,08,871-11.02%
Total Passenger Vehicles (PVs)2,90,9392,61,633-10.07%
Three Wheelers   
Passenger Carrier21,6149,248-57.21%
Goods Carrier10,3164,480-56.57%
Total Three Wheelers31,93013,728-57.01%
Two Wheelers   
Scooter/ Scooterettee4,57,6773,00,462-34.35%
Electric Two Wheelers44581783.60%
Total Two Wheelers14,96,8069,95,097-33.52%
Grand Total of All Categories18,19,68212,70,458-30.18%


Segment/SubsegmentProduction (in Numbers)
Mar-21Apr-21% Change
Passenger Vehicles (PVs)*   
Passenger Cars1,90,5881,66,546-12.61%
Utility Vehicles (UVs)1,41,7041,27,452-10.06%
Total Passenger Vehicles (PVs)3,44,3493,05,952-11.15%
Three Wheelers   
Passenger Carrier62,58956,394-9.90%
Goods Carrier11,1427,190-35.47%
Total Three Wheelers73,73163,584-13.76%
Two Wheelers   
Scooter/ Scooterettee5,18,3953,66,928-29.22%
Electric Two Wheelers66690936.49%
Total Two Wheelers19,50,82115,05,653-22.82%
Grand Total of All Categories23,69,23718,75,698-20.83%


Segment/SubsegmentExports (in Numbers)
Mar-21Apr-21% Change
Passenger Vehicles (PVs)*   
Passenger Cars25,90924,750-4.47%
Utility Vehicles (UVs)13,99217,20922.99%
Total Passenger Vehicles (PVs)40,18342,0254.58%
Three Wheelers   
Passenger Carrier38,76745,74217.99%
Goods Carrier1,005695-30.85%
Total Three Wheelers39,77246,43716.76%
Two Wheelers   
Scooter/ Scooterettee27,88340,02443.54%
Electric Two Wheelers 
Total Two Wheelers3,56,1724,31,31121.10%
Grand Total of All Categories4,36,3975,20,28919.22%
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