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AI powered Logistics startup Shyplite launches – Shypmax: India’s first and only Cross border LPaaS (Logistics Platform as a service)

AI powered Logistics startup Shyplite launches - Shypmax: India's first and only Cross border LPaaS (Logistics Platform as a service) 1

Shyplitea 4PL AI-powered logistics platform that enables businesses to automate their logistics and increase shipping efficiency by providing a single-window platform integrated with multiple carriers, has launched Shypmax which is India’s first and only Cross border LPaaS (Logistics Platform as a service) which also has asset light carrier capabilities and an Asset Light Supply Chain Solution, backed by a contemporary product and stellar service.

Shypmax is now live for deliveries to 40 + countries and will be covering delivery to 220 Countries progressively with over 70 Carrier and network partnerships in place globally. Shypmax is also one of the first IOSS ready service in India, with focus on compliance for new regulations in the European Union (EU).

Shypmax aims to take away all the pains of delays, compliances, surprise penalties and shocks out of the Cross Border shipping faced by businesses and their customers’ shopping experience. With the use of Machine Learning (MI) and AI to the service, Shypmax provides end to end tracking, predictive choice of carrier according to category, geography and extends to automated compliances and documentation.

On the launch of Shypmax, Nisschal Jain – Founder and Managing Partner, Shyplite said “We are really ecstatic to be the first company in India to launch a cross border LPaaS like Shypmax. The product was conceptualised to address problems faced by thousands of Indian businesses and sellers who have ambitions to expand their business globally, but their key challenges were complex cross border shipping and steep pricing. Shypmax will thus enable and empower Indian SME’s and D2C’s towards sustainable, price effective and simplified cross border shipping to enable them to expand to global markets.”

Shypmax will cater to businesses who have shipping needs for their goods being carried out of India by air such as D2C ecommerce, offline and B2B companies. Businesses can now ship from 27000 pin codes across India to 220 countries around the world, we will ship everything from a needle to a bed.

“India Outbound is a 50 billion $ GMV market between D2C and B2B cross border shipping, which roughly translates to 8% logistics spend. Indian Exports reached its peak at $ 95 billion in the last quarter, the share of Air transport will only increase with time in the post covid era. The sector is growing at 25% CAGR and we think that the launch of Shypmax will be beneficial for SMEs across the country and will help simplify cross border shipping. We are also in advanced talks to create Inbound India services as a reciprocal arrangement along with our worldwide carriers.” commented Parinay Itkan – Founder and COO, Shyplite.

Other players in similar domain as Shyplite are mostly into traditional 3PL and Express courier services, Large Freight Forwarder enterprises and Neighbourhood freight forwarders where as Shyplite is based on its robust product, AI enabled technology, marginal prices and customer satisfaction service. The product will see rapid development and disrupt how commercial shipments are sent from India in coming years.” – Commented Sugam Jain – Founder and CEO, Shyplite.

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