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A Millennial’s Quest for Creative Ventures

A Millennial's Quest for Creative Ventures 1

There are many ways in which we can define who millennials are. Some describe them for their innate connection with technology, their openness towards different cultures or willingness to explore unique experiences. They have been at the forefront of disrupting the traditional way of life at multiple levels, including the business ecosystem of India. With their unconventional approach, more number of millennials are embracing creative and offbeat professions which allow them to follow their passion and also make a living out of the same. Let us look at some of the occupations which never existed before a millennial thought about them!

Online Reputation ManagerMassive growth in online platforms is seen as an opportunity for various businesses to connect with their target audience online, engage with them and generate revenue leads. Social media platforms and other online platforms present infinite possibilities for business to achieve company or sales objectives. Millennials are at the forefront of helping companies manage their reputations and activities online. With the growth in various courses in digital marketing, social media management and others, a number of millennials are exploring this field, and a job profile has been entrenched.

Social Media InfluencerAs the grip of social media platforms is strengthening over common people, new possibilities are emerging for millennials who are more than willing to take risks and live a life of their dream. The world of social media has become an abode for India’s micro-celebrities, and the clout is only growing bigger. For some, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram are not only platforms to connect with friends but to showcase their talent, earn fans and also earn money. With the latest entrants such as Likee, and more, India’s social media influencer community is undergoing a huge transformation. These platforms have successfully attracted a large chunk of the population onto their platforms by offering a unique user experience in which communication is driven by short video format. Moreover, the process of making videos have been oversimplified by apps such as Likee, making this profession more lucrative for millennials.

Stylist / Celebrity StylistEven the oldest industries, such as Bollywood is undergoing huge changes due to the unconventional approach of millennials. Think about it, have you ever heard about “gym look”, “airport look”, “who wore what better at someone’s party” earlier? With the advent of technology, quick communication and more, the room to consume content has become much bigger. Hence, more Bollywood celebrities are hiring personal stylists to manage their day-to-day looks in order to continue with their star aura even when they are in their personal space. While the trend was originally started with Bollywood Diva Sonam Kapoor who would extend her fashion sense to her colleagues to help them represent better in public places, it opened new opportunities for millennials to embrace and build further.  

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