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A Historic Event Between Heartfulness Institute and Rashtra Sant VandaniyaTukdoji Maharaj Sanstha

A Historic Event Between Heartfulness Institute and Rashtra Sant VandaniyaTukdoji Maharaj Sanstha 1

As a result of the ongoing relationship between Heartfulness Institute and Tukdoji Maharaj’s organisation, Shri Kamlesh Patel (Daaji) was invited to join Rashtra Sant VandaniyaTukdoji Maharaj’s Shraddhanjali annual event at Gurukunj near Amaravati, Maharashtra state, where more than 150,000 followers attended the event. 

Daaji conducted meditation for the assembled gathering. Over 1,000 people attended meditation sessions at the Heartfulness stall, and everyone found themselves immersed in Dhyana in the first session itself. Shri Tukdoji Maharaj’s followers were left in awe at the selfless service rendered by volunteers gathered from various places for this event.

Speaking on the occasion Daaji said, “Meditation is a technique to stabilise a fickle mind. The mind first becomes serene, and then it needs to be given a direction. What do we do after the mind has become settled?  A student will focus on studies, a businessman will focus on making money, but the worthiest utilisation is the Realisation of God, to attain Brahma Vidya. Even Lord Krishna says that meditation is an excellent thing to do. It’s only through meditation that we can excel in every endeavour.”

He further added, “Loneliness is the cause of so many problems. People may be married but they still feel lonely. The loneliness epidemic is society’s biggest problem today. When we are going towards God, we don’t face this problem because we see God in everyone. We feel it so there is no need to speak about it. Everyone knows that God is omnipresent, but when this thought becomes reality then something can really happen.This is a very joyful day, as the two currents that are progressively moving, Heartfulness and Tukdoji, have merged as one. Heartfulness is available for all. Whoever wants and seeks for it from the heart will keep on receiving it.”

“Everyone wants happiness. Who wants sorrow? No one. When can we be happy? When the mind becomes contemplative. When can we contemplate? When the mind rests on one thing after making a resolution. It becomes focused. And when can the mind become focused? When it is regulated. And when will it be regulated? When we meditate. Now connect the statements above. Is happiness possible without meditation? In Heartfulness, due to Transmission or pranahuti, meditation becomes very simple”.

Daaji participate in the Tukdoji Maharaja Punyathitiwith thousands of followers. The program started with bhajans and slokas from the Bhagavad Gita, with all the followers gathered in the meditation hall.Deeply touched by Daaji’s speech on meditation, the followers readily accepted him, and they made him their own. It was a moment where tears were rolling from many eyes. Most people were touched by the simplicity of Daaji and the way he comprehensively presented his thoughts so simply. Many who came to know about Daaji, Heartfulness and Kanha want to visit Kanha in the coming times.

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