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6 Things Your Wife Probably Wishes You Did More Often In The Bedroom!

6 Things Your Wife Probably Wishes You Did More Often In The Bedroom! 1

If you truly care about her, you will take this forward with all seriousness. Well…Whether you have done this right so far or not is still a question in your mind. Let us answer all those secret queries you often wonder about. 

Meeting the expectations of your partner in the bedroom is important, and the way you do it is even more important. It’s sad but true that most of the time male partners fail to address the sexual desires of their female counterparts in the bedroom (without even realizing it).They are not good at understanding reality and everything looks fine to them when it’s not. But if you care about her, take a moment to analyse how far you have been able to fulfil her deep-seated desires. 

Making women happy in the bedroom is way different than satisfying a man. Women’s sexual desire takes a different path, and not paying attention to these little hints and details may make you end up doing something else. Details are important because putting in a bit more effort when you are in the bedroom can increase her libido and give her the pleasure she is looking for. Before reaching out ‘down-there’, it’s important to notice little things she does in the bedroom and make things work for the two of you.

A desire for sex and the way it happens to her might differ from woman to woman, depending on the situation. Sometimes she may like it gentle and slow, other times she may love to play wild with you. What really matters is what you offer her besides the actual act of sex. With time, in a long-term relationship or years of marriage, losing the fire under the sheets is quite normal. However, the key to a happy relationship is healthy sex life. So, for paying a little more attention and walking the extra mile to make her happy, you would need to read up on the ideas shared. Pace up her breath to crave for more of you in the bedroom with these steps that are accumulated based on a survey conducted by Gleeden among 5000 of their female users from major Metropolitan cities of India.  The survey had multiple choice questions and the outcome might just help you out with the perfect trick to please your spouse.

1.      Tickling ways of spoiling  her

It’s not only about sex all the time. What changes the game is what you do before going to bed. Yes, it’s something you need to work on if not now. We understand that life can bring you innumerable unpleasant and stressful experiences and dealing with it is a draining process. Need a spark? Simple. Never give up on little treats for her eyes and tongue, which remind her that she is still desirable and special to you. What you can simply do is to give her head or neck tickles when she is preparing a meal, while you two are watching a movie.

Moreover, a fun-filled and romantic weekend plan never goes to waste, we promise! Set up the room with relaxing music, aromatic candles, her favorite drink and a sensual massage with a soothing oil. Let us share one powerful secret to turn on a woman, An erotic massage! She will be surprised by your efforts and will leave you awestruck in the end. 

Based on Gleeden’s survey it was found out that about 62% of women like being pampered by their spouses. This helps in growing the emotional bond and also sets the platform for being intimate.

2.      Look good to feel good

Being in a long-term relationship after your marriage makes you a little careless about your physical appearance. You gradually stop making such efforts which make you look good. So, before your wife starts feeling physically less attracted towards you, add some goodness to your look. Shaving more often and getting rid of all those old clothes that you wear in your daily routine can bring the spark back in your life. Certainly, she will notice it, appreciate it, and make you go “Ooh-la-la” more than you can imagine.

Gleeden’s data shows that more than 50% of women users would like their spouses to get back into shape and look more appealing. Interestingly, most of the respondents are from the age group of 45 years and above.

3.      Foreplay

Dear Gentlemen, practice cunnilingus as much as you can. It’s not only about pulling it in and ‘Boom!’ Done. It’s a big no-no! An act of sex and enjoying sex are two different things. Who would understand it better than you that when your woman goes down on you, you feel heavenly? So, why can’t your woman expect the same? Do not skip this step, add that icing on the cake and give this a thought before your next bedroom session.

Lack of foreplay is a major concern among Gleeden respondents. About 57.25% of women are deprived to sexual satisfaction while having sex and they would like their spouses to indulge into foreplay activities before going for the final thrust!

4.      Spice up your bedroom hours

If at all you feel that you and your partner are not going great in the bedroom, then it is time to spice things up. Whatever plans you make, be sure that you really care about her sexual desires too. If you don’t, she will soon let you know the difference on her own and you can’t deny the fact that what she thinks and how she feels matters a lot!!

Spouses attention and priority is a desire of every woman and when it comes to intimacy taking care of your partner’s needs should be the foremost thing. While 37% of Gleeden respondents feel unwanted and dependent on their partner’s mood for sexual intercourse we have about 43.5% of the users stating that their current relationship could be much better if their spouses starts taking care of their sexual needs.

Sum Up

Perhaps men can feel a sudden urge of engaging with their partner right after seeing them naked. Whereas, women go slow and strong. To make your lady love go gaga about everything you do in the bedroom for her, you need to follow all the golden rules to add spark to your sex life. Make her feel special and desired, and make it a frequent affair in the bedroom. Needless to say, having a happy sex life would need mutual efforts, but, for now, do your part, We promise you won’t regret pouring in efforts for her and yes, the tickling results!!

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