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58% women on Gleeden think that it’s safer than other dating platforms

58% women on Gleeden think that it's safer than other dating platforms 1

The nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus has witnessed a surge in online activities across platforms, online dating is one of them. Millions of people are getting hooked to online dating platforms and this overwhelming surge is also attracting the troublemakers or scammers. Off late, both national and international media have been reporting such scams which give out an alarming bell to the dating community.

Gleeden; World’s first discreet extramarital dating app on the other hand has always been the safest playground for married individuals. Besides complying with the highest and up-to-date data protection protocols, Gleeden has the most stringent moderation policy in the e-Dating industry and every profile is investigated thoroughly to guarantee a community made only by real and motivated people. Members can easily report abuses and misbehaviors and are very proactive when it comes to safeguarding the standards of their online community. Apart from this there are special safety features like TheDiscrete Icon option, The Panic Button, Shake to Exit and Private Albums allow users that extra cushion of safety and discretion.

Most of the users on Gleeden’s platform are married individuals and that’s why safety, privacy and protection of personal data are their utmost priority. Because of their continuous efforts 58% of married women think that Gleeden is much safer than other dating apps. According to an internal survey, in fact, 69% of married women on Gleeden’s platform have witnessed the difference in male audience, and 72% of married women would not like to join any other dating platform.

“The thought of dating someone else after my marriage has always troubled me. The society and its people would never understand the needs of a woman who got sexually abandoned by her man. For me my privacy & safety were a prime concern before allowing an unknown person to come close to me. Amid the uncertainty I found a reliable partner in Gleeden that caters to people like me and the best part is that nobody here judges you. I managed to crack conversations with a couple of sound & mature guys here and I am happily dating one of them” – A Fairytale, Gleeden user from Delhi

Gleeden recently crossed 1 Million Indian users and recorded a new subscription growth of +166% during the month of March & April. Their credibility amongst the women users can also be witnessed from their surge in women user base that went up to 36% in the Indian market.

Speaking about women’s safety on Gleeden’s platform, Ms. Solene Paillet, Marketing Director of Gleeden says, “Gleeden has always been a platform dedicated to women and their safety is our prime concern. We at Gleeden follow a very strict moderation policy and our Team works 24*7 to filter the unwanted profiles on the platform. We also encourage our women users to restrict their mode of interaction to virtual engagements until they are 100% sure about the other half”

Most of Gleeden’s new women users are choosing ‘virtual affair’ as their primary choice of sought relationship and these users are mostly concentrated in metropolitan areas like Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi.

On her experience with the Gleeden’s platform, Wanderlust, Gleeden user from Bangalore says, “Gleeden has played a big role in my life and I will always remember it as my matchmaker. I started using Gleeden after getting separated from my husband in March 2019. Using the platform, I dated a couple of nice guys before bumping into the man of my dreams. He is also a divorcee and we have been in constant touch since October 2020, we are even planning to get married post lockdown. Wish us luck!”

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