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5 Eco conscious brands that will help you go Green

5 Eco conscious brands that will help you go Green 1

Livpure Sleep

Livpure ensures that you’re saving the planet even while you sleep! Everyone deserves a peaceful sleep and just adding an ayurvedic touch to it will make wonders for everyone, including the planet. Most of the mattresses in the market are made from harmful, artificial materials that clog the environment. Switch to Livpure’s Naturale Ayurvedic foam mattress which is made from eco-friendly materials like plant & nut-based oils and sandalwood infused latex. The memory foam is made from plant-based oils and latex which is obtained from Kerala’s rubber plantations. The best part is the lavender-infused cover which releases a faint lavender scent when you touch the fabric.  

 No Nasties

The brand has been making the world a better place since 2011. The brand is an organic fashion label that offers a wide range of vegan apparel made from 100% organic cotton in a fair-trade factory. Their products are entirely made in India and not only are their designs refreshingly minimal, they are size inclusive too! The brand takes initiatives to address current issues in India and provides solutions in “organic” and “fair trade” fashion. It helps the factory workers, animals more importantly everyone! 


The brand has a charming aspect to it as it not only crafts quality products but also makes cruelty-free products. It constantly tries to build a platform for ethical buyers without compromising on fashion. Every Aulive product is made using superior vegan leather. Stemming from the opinion that fashion doesn’t need to bleed, Aulive believes it is much easier to shop for socially responsible styles with access to today’s vast range of technology. After all, going green is the future and it makes sure it’s trendy.  

Under The Mango Tree

The brand is committed to sustainability, from which all our other values take form. Sustainability means many things to them, from investing in long-term relationships with farmers, customers & suppliers. Under The Mango Tree ensures their practices benefit the environment evidently by work with the indigenous bee, the Apis cerana indica. They guarantee a sustainable source of revenue and ethical & caring business practices to the farmers. 


The brand aims to bring an exclusive range of high-end lifestyle accessory products hand crafted by skilled artisans as an initiative of skill development and creating awareness towards life and global issues with the help of photography. An endearing aspect of the brand is the idea of crafting quality, cruelty-free products providing awareness through the images that are showcased on them. Their constant endeavour is to build a platform for ethical buying, while not compromising on fashion. Their products showcase captures from different realms of our surroundings, aesthetically fabricated into designer products that would suit your style quotient, stemming from the opinion that fashion doesn’t need to bleed. 

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