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40 plus – divorced and wondering? Try Gleeden!

It won’t be wrong if we claim that our life begins its second innings at the age of 40. By this age, most of us are financially sound and have our lives on a straight track. But even a sound financial life cannot fill the voids of empty personal space. So, if we are 40 and want a partner what do we do? Does this narrow Indian society allow us to cater to our needs peacefully? Doubtful isn’t it?

Well to counter this mid-age crisis and have like-minded people on-board Gleeden came into existence. It’s an extra-marital dating app which caters to an audience having life problems post their marriages and which are addressed as taboo in the society.

We all need a life-partner irrespective of our age. The older we get the more do we require someone and to find a like-minded audience there is no better place like Gleeden in this online-dating space. Gleeden gives you the option of interacting with individuals who have or are facing similar life problems and they can cater to your life requirements in a better way.

Gleeden’s popularity is growing in the Indian community space and people are actively seeking out for partners, friends or relationships through its platform and this in return is helping them to break the monotony which has surrounded their lives for so many years or for some it has helped them to start their second innings in life.

If this story idea interests you, we can work together to knit a story around the topic. Gleeden will be more than happy to share releavant data in the context, provide a quote or even an article for that matter.

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