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25.65 lakh vaccine doses given till 8 pm push Cumulative Vaccine Coverage to more than 12.25 Cr doses

The total vaccinations across the country has crossed more than 12.25 crore mark today with more than 25.65 lakh vaccine doses administered till 8 pm. Today, 60,057 COVID Vaccination Centres (CVCs) were operational, marking a rise of more than 15,000 operational Vaccination Centres (45,000 CVCs on an average are functional on any given day). Workplace vaccinations have also enabled such a high turnout of beneficiaries.

The cumulative number of COVID19 vaccine doses administered in the country stands at 12,25,02,790 as per the 8 pm provisional report today.

These include 91,27,451 Healthcare Workers (HCWs) who have taken the 1st dose and 57,07,322 HCWs who have taken the 2nd dose, 1,12,29,062 Frontline Workers (FLWs) (1st dose), 55,08,179 FLWs (2nd dose), 4,04,16,170 for over 45 years old to 60 years old (1st Dose), 10,76,752 for over 45 years old to 60 years old (2nd dose), 4,55,60,187 for above 60 years (1st Dose) and 38,77,667 for above 60 years (2nd Dose) .

HCWsFLWsAge Group 45-60yearsAbove 60YearsTotal Achievement
1st Dose2nd Dose1st Dose2nd Dose1st Dose2nd Dose1st Dose2nd Dose1st Dose2nd Dose

Total  25,65,179  vaccine doses were given till 8 pm today, the Ninety Second day of nationwide COVID19 vaccination. Out of which 19,24,416 beneficiaries were vaccinated for 1st dose and 6,40,763 beneficiaries received 2nd dose of the vaccine as per the provisional report. Final reports would be completed for the day by late tonight.

Date: 17th April 2021 (92nd Day)
HCWsFLWsAge Group 45-60 earsAbove 60YearsTotal Achievement
1st Dose2nd Dose1st Dose2nd Dose1st Dose2nd Dose1st Dose2nd Dose1st Dose2nd Dose
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